Joe Cocker | Adopted


We named him Joe Cocker or Jojo for short. He was a hard rescue. He was running with a pack of dogs and from their appearance, we could tell they were in rough shape. Joe was the only one slow enough that we could catch, but he didn't trust people. Took Kirk 4 hours negotiating with Joe that being rescued was in his best interest.

When Kirk brought him home that first day, he looked so defeated. He didn't trust men which made us wonder if a man had abused him. He took to Noelle and so she was able to gain his trust and tend to his needs. We instantly found a Cocker Spaniel rescue that had a wonderful home for Joe, but Joe had other plans. As soon as we handed him over to the rescue, he decided he wanted nothing to do with them and pretty much went bizerko. It was at that point, we knew we had just adopted our third dog. 

Taking on a third dog made us realize that we needed more resources. We couldn't adopt every dog that a rescue wouldn't take in and our friends and family had their hands full from adopting our other rescues. We desperately needed a larger network. 

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