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Henry came to us on 3 occassions. He was a leaper. Our neighborhood has six foot walls around each property and this King Boxer would scale that wall and come to our house. Henry was a gorgeous dog with such a sweet demeanor. The frst time he came to our house he was skinny, but we found the owner and so the dog went home. the second time he came to our house, his gums had become infected. They were so bad that we worried for his life. This time, when we took the dog back, we asked the owner if we could take the dog and get it medical care and if necessary find the dog a new home. The owners were not ready to let go of the dog but said they would take care of his dental needs. The third time the dog showed up at our house, his teeth had been fixed, but he was alot skinnier than before. We took Henry back and again pleaded with the owners to relinquish him to us. A few days later, they agreed. Kirk found the dog in the back yard chained, in the sun with no water. That day it was 110 degrees. the dog had dug a hole as deep as it could to find any coolness. He was not in good shape. Defintely dehydrated, defintely malnutritioned.

We connected with a Boxer organization out of Orange County that had helped us before and found a wonderful family who wanted to foster Henry. As soon as they took one look at his face, they fell in love and decided to adopt him instead. 

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