The Animal Rescue Center of California Has Many Goals To Help Animals In Need

We need to grow. There is so much more we would like to do and there is so much more that needs to be done for animals in eastern Coachella Valley. Our goal is to develop a property that will house rescued animals and serve as an adoption center. Utimately, we would like the property large enough to serve as a playground and therapy center as well.

As we grow and our goals come to fruition, our needs will change. Please visit the website frequently to see where we are at and how you can get involved. 

Below is a list of our current goals as we look to the future and continue saving animals:

1) Fundraising

We are planning our first fundraiser. We hope to produce a virtual streaming event to raise money to help meet our goals. In the mean time, all donations given directly to our website will go to the rescuing, feeding, housing and caring for stray animals.

2) Pro bono and or discounted legal counsel in the state of California.

3) The Animal Rescue Center Of California Mobile.

We are in need of a larger vehicle to transport more animals. A van or SUV that we will outfit with cages to transport found strays .

4) More fundraising : )

5) Foster Parents

We are always in need of a safe comfortable home for animals as we find them their forever homes.

6) A New Computer

As we upload and edit rescue videos and continue to fine tune our website, a new computer with a keypad that doesn't continually stick would be really cool!

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